Old Kampala Senior Secondary school is a mixed O and A level school. It is located on Old Kampala Hill near the historical Fort Kampala, Old Kampala Police Station, on Old Kampala Road off Namirembe Road. The school acutally lies where two hills meet.

Old Kampala Senior Secondary school is a Government Indian founded school and it is as old as the Indian settlement in Uganda.As the Indian settlement grew and prospered, the need for its own system of education became a necesity. The arrival of two brothers: Mr. K.D Gupta and Mr.B.D Gupta from Bengal India-an ancient seat of learning, coincided with the needs of the allien community.Unlike their counterparts in trading, the Guptas were teachers and they initiated the setting up of the school and Mr. K.D Gupta became its first headmaster.

The school continued to climb its heights of glory and fame and became one of the leading centres of learning in East Africa. This school excelled not only in academics, but also in other disciplines. Its fame went far beyond the horizons of Uganda. the Fine Arts Department of the school secured a Gold Medal at Rabbat(Morocco)Exhibition in the 1970′s, The school reached its zenith of glory when Mr. Matharu(a teacher) was selected to the national Hockey team, which represented Uganda at the Munich (Germany) olympics of 1972

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Respect of self and others, Good time management, Hard work for success


We persevere on and on

for a bright today and tomorrow,

in the struggle against illiteracy

so help us oh, Lord.

Bless us this day.

to do our will.

Give us strength to glorify thee

and to do our duty of students


Provide Comprehensive Education for Self Reliance


To provide Accessible, Innovative, Equitable and Appropriate Quality Education

About Us

As the Indians settled in Kampala, Uganda and East Africa at large, they generally grew and prospered, the government correspondingly responded to the education needs. Old Kampala S.S.S, was started by the colonial government in 1932 specifically to cater for the post primary education of the children of the Urban, Indian and European communities that were of high profile and engaged in the central administration and business at the time..

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The student community of Old Kampala Senior Secondary School is diverse in background, race, culture and religion. 

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  • The school offers the following curriculum O’ Level Subjects: English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Commerce, Christian Religious Education, Fine Art, Home Economics, Literature in English, French, Computer, Physical Health Education and Luganda
  • “The school’s management is revising to include subjects like Technical Drawing, Islamic Religious Education among others.”

A’ Level Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Food & Nutrition, Geography, History, Fine Art, Entrepreneurship, Luganda, C.R.E, Literature in English, Subsidiary Math, Subsidiary ICT and General Paper “The school’s management is revising to include subjects like Technical Drawing, Islamic Religious Education among others.”